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Standing Metal Peacock Statue
Standing Metal Peacock Statue

Standing Metal Peacock Statue

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This statue stands firmly on the ground as he spreads his colorful tail feathers. Display this delight in your garden, and you'll be as proud as a well, you know. Handcrafted in metal and painted in all the brilliant colors of a real peacock, this indoor/outdoor statue is sure to command attention. Standing three feet tall and with tail feathers spreading nearly four feet wide, the metal peacock will add a splash of color to any garden, patio or sunroom. This lovely statue is full of detail, from the textured "feathers" on his body to the masterful paint job with beautifully blended iridescent colors.


  • Metal peacock sculpture
  • Masterful paint scheme with vibrant iridescent colors
  • Stands firmly on any flat surface

Product Details

  • Theme: Animal
  • Material: Metal